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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First Day Back

Today is the first day for our students to be back in session. The day started pretty well as many students arrived early. So far things seem to be going pretty well as the first day quirks are getting worked out.

Since I worked all summer it has been interesting to go through the transitions of the last few weeks. Only 3 weeks ago every was very quiet and relaxed. Then the teachers came back and it became a little crazier. The extra bodies in the building created a different dynamic. It also marked the end of relaxation and the beginning of the hurry to get rooms and the school prepared for the beginning of a new year. Today marks that new beginning.

This morning I stood in the hallway and greeted old and new students alike. It is amazing to see the differences between 6th and 8th graders - in height, personality, and confidence. We have an excellent group of 6th graders and it should be a great year.

Welcome back students! May we have a great year!

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