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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

4 Weddings in 3 Weeks

So in case you hadn't noticed things have been a little busy for Team Cross. The past two weekends we've been scurrying around the countryside attending weddings and having fun. We were only able to make it to 2 of the 4 weddings and they were back to back weekends. So here is a quick photo update of our most recent adventures:

Sadly the journey starts almost 2 weeks ago with 4th of July Celebrations. Note: It is hard to pick only 1 shot from each event, so if you click on the picture you can go see the full album!

We went to the house of newer friend and had picnic and set off fireworks (CJ had to work so we didn't see any major shows this year).

The next day we drove to Madison, WI for a friend and former teammate's wedding. It was actually in a rural suburb and several of us got a little lost, but the reception was on a beautiful lake.

After rushing home to make sure CJ could get to work we were exhausted. But arose the next day feeling a little adventurous and decided to check out the Taste of Minnesota. We were sadly disappointed by the actual event (under new management for 2009) but stayed and wandered around downtown St Paul for awhile.

A busy week ensued and we found ourselves at Friday morning, waiting for Amy to get off work so we could begin our next big adventure - driving to Clare, MI. We spent the night in Wheaton, IL (Chicago suburb) with the Burgess family, picking up our final passenger - Eugene, before making the final push into upper Michigan (not the UP, just upper). Jessica (another friend and former teammate) was pleased we made the long trip for the wedding and we got to see some other friends too.

We made it home quite tired Sunday night and prepared for another busy week. Sadly we couldn't make it to the two weddings that occurred this past weekend (19-20), although we really wanted to. CJ was working again so on Saturday evening (after a 16 mile run in the morning by me) we went to the famous Rose Garden by Lake Harriet. While wandering around there we saw a schedule for the Harriet Band Shell and lo and behold the Minneapolis Pops Orchestra was playing. So we sat and watched. An earlier storm left lots of water droplets all over the flowers which only accented their beauty!

So that is pretty much an update from our point of view on life! Hope your July is just as adventurous!

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