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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Worse than Darfur?

The BBC is reporting that the forgotten crisis in Somalia may actually be worse than the crisis in Darfur.

Mark Bowden, the UN's humanitarian co-ordinator for the region, says the food crisis is dramatically worsening.

Somalia faces a worse situation than Darfur, Mr Bowden says.

Contributing to the crisis are fighting between rival militias, successive droughts, sharply rising food prices and a collapse of the Somali currency.

Mr Bowden says that during the course of the next three months the number of people needing emergency food relief will climb by about one million from the current 2.5m
Unfortunately, it isn't clear if there is much that we can do to help. I've not seen any organizations that are focusing resources to the country outside of the UN. Many people have given up on the country due to the nature of the violence and lack of safe zones.

I did fine this Somali-led organization: Save Somali Women and Children I have not found any advocacy groups similar to Save Darfur. I wonder why this is....

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