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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Race Day: Earth Day Half Marathon

Today actually marks Earth Day, but I ran the race over the weekend in St Cloud, MN. It was a great day for a race, unfortunately my performance didn't quite equal the weather.

Here is an excerpt of the full race report:

We finally turned off the main road and headed into a sub-division next to the St. Cloud Country Club. There were some little hills up and down along the way. I managed to to run a 7:25 for the 10th mile. As we continued through the sub-division I was running near the edge of the road and managed to scrape my arm on a metal fence post. That pretty much describes how I was feeling. I was quickly getting exhausted and was starting to get passed by more and more people. Occasionally I would try and go with them, this would work sometimes.
I've already moved on. I signed up for my first marathon: Twin Cities Marathon in October. It is a good thing I did since it is already over half full. I'm currently taking a few days off before I start training again for some smaller races over the next few weeks!

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