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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Nasty Sunday

This is the last post about our camping trip!

As Saturday night came to a close we were enjoying a nice campfire, complete with s'mores and ho-bo pies. All of a sudden we started to get pelted by hail, sleet, rain, or snow... we quickly cleaned up the remainders of the evening and put everything away before heading up to the welcome center to get ready for bed.

There we met the evening janitor who told us they were expecting several inches of snow through the evening and that heavy snow like this would often collapse tents. GREAT! We also saw a skunk hoping around looking for food! We made our way back to the campsite and realized we needed to make some adjustments to get the tent ready for the "storm". We spent a couple of hours trying to sleep but also knocking snow off the roof! (top left picture)

I'm happy to report that the tent didn't collapse and we got about 1-2 inches of snow. The wind was terrible and would shake the tent, making you wonder if the tent was going to blow away or collapse around you! (top middle picture)

Go back and look at pictures of the Lake and beach from Saturday - see how different everything is today? I'm not sure what the wind speeds were or the official amounts of snow - it wasn't fun! It was very cold and we weren't ready for the wind-chill. (bottom pictures)

I'll go ahead and finish off the day in this post. We packed up camp and headed out for breakfast in Two Harbors. Same town as yesterday and also the starting point of Grandma's Marathon.

We unwittingly followed the Grandma's Marathon course from Two Harbors to Duluth. It is a beautiful drive and I would think a great marathon experience except for the June sun. It was quite cold for our drive and quick jumps out for pictures!

The top right is a set of boats that were all together on the shore - shipwrecked. Going around clock-wise is the Aerial Bridge in Duluth.

Next is the original, famous Grandma's Saloon & Grill. Grandma's is also the title sponsor of the marathon and some really good food!

The next picture is actually of the Duluth Airport - well actually its the Sky Harbor Airport, perfect for float planes! You can barely see the airport and its "boat ramp". We went out on this little island and saw some cool stuff - but very windy and nasty conditions didn't make it overly enjoyable.

The final, center picture is us out on the canal's pier/lighthouse. I can't find an official name but it marks one side of the entrance to the Duluth port. It was bitter cold with stinging wind coming off the Lake. We almost got attacked by a crashing wave, but survived!

That pretty much wraps up our weekend adventure! It was a great time. If you want to see more pictures and the ones in the collages a little better feel free to visit the complete album. I still only published half the pictures I took!


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe you guys would camp in the snow!!! That's insane. I could never love the outdoors they way you guys do. Props.

crossn81 said...

Thanks!! Yea it was a little crazy :)

Anonymous said...

I read a few days worth on your blog. Dude, you guys are like hardcore campers. The story about thinking the tent was gonna blow away made me laugh. I was kind of envisioning you and Christy flying through the sky like on Aladdin. . . but not quite magic. I might give u a call later to see how the race went.

crossn81 said...

That's a funny image John!! We actually bought a backpacking tent today and got Christy a new backpack - we hope to hit some trails this summer and not get snowed on!