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Friday, April 04, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Almost two years after a tragic accident killed 4 students and a Taylor staff member, a book has been released by the families involved in the case of mistaken identity that followed.

I actually never went back and updated my original posting with the correct information. One of the students was misidentified and her family and friends mourned her - until she came out of her coma and started asking for her family.

It became a powerful story of love and trust in God that carried these two families through such a tragic time. One families hope was shattered while another's grief became overwhelming appreciation. The story gripped national headlines and was a catalyst for changes in Indiana law, but the most amazing part of the story was to see the love that the van Ryan family continued to show towards Whitney - even after they realized she wasn't their daughter.

Just under 2 years after this drama unfolded the families gathered together to write a book to share their story and provide hope and inspiration to families and individuals suffering through tragedy. The book is titled Mistaken Identity. You can read an excerpt of the book here.

In addition to the book release the families appeared on The Today Show, Dateline, and Oprah.

Here is a clip from The Today Show, be sure to check out the sites for more video, especially the 2 hour Dateline special.

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