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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Facebook and Faith

There is an excellent article about "Sharing your Faith" using Facebook over at Digital Sanctuary.

Cynthia provides 10, fairly easy, steps. Here is part of the introduction:
Facebook is a perfect example of an easy, free way to connect with others and share your faith. If you think it's costly in terms of time, you're mistaken. It's an investment. In fact, using online communication is the fastest, cheapest way to connect with large groups of people who you might never have a chance to keep in regular contact with were it not for your electronic link. This is old news to many people but sometimes Christians clump together instead of looking for inventive ways to spread out.
If you've already given in to the Facebook revolution, you probably have already done most of her 10 steps. But double check! If you haven't joined Facebook - what are you waiting on??

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