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Monday, March 03, 2008

Its Official... UGH...

We are Minnesotans! We were kind of in a weird spot since our Indiana license plates expired on March 15, we had to do something to get them renewed. Also, there is some obscure law about if you live in Minnesota for longer than 60 days you have to get a Minnesota driver's license.

So we spent the afternoon on Thursday at the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Division of Motor Vehicles. It was kind of a mess because I looked at and then decided not to bring our Marriage License - BIG MISTAKE! We went and took our driver's tests - we both passed, barely! Did you know you only have to be 3ft away from a cyclist or that you only need to stop 20 ft behind a school bus with its flashing red lights. Or how about that if an accident causes over $1,000 in damage you have to file some accident report. Yea those are all questions I missed.

After that is when the trouble began - with her Passport as Sallee and Indiana Driver's License as Cross - she needed proof of her name change and a changed (meaning correct) Social Security Card didn't matter at all. UGH. So we finished up my license - which I'll get in the mail in 3-4 weeks and proceeded to work on retitling the cars into MN. Well guess what, both cars still have Sallee on them since we bought the Honda before we got married. They were pretty adamant that we should wait and put Cross on both of them, but to do that we'd need proof of her name change. UGH.

Luckily, we live only a few blocks from the service center since it is housed in the Midtown Market. I left her at a coffee shop and ran home to get the stupid marriage license so we could get everything finished up.

When I got back everything went fairly smoothly - lines were never very long. We got new license plates for both cars - titles are in the mail. I renewed my passport since it expired in March as well coming in 3-4 weeks. She finished her driver's license and renewed her passport, both of which will come in 3-4 weeks. The only concern with all of this is that we technically only have our driver's licenses (with a snipped corner) which with the yellow sheet are valid MN ID, and our Social Security cards as identification, and no original marriage license. We are supposed to get everything back in the mail at some point!

Oh and to top it all off - MN requires license plates on the front and back - both cars only have holders on the back. UGH.

They never did ask for any proof of address or anything throughout the entire process - but you HAVE to have the Marriage License.

What a mess - just to be ethical and legit. I'm still waiting to hear back from the insurance company about switching all of our insurance! UGH.

Isn't that a nice story! Welcome to MINNESOTA!

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