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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Solomon's Porch

Ever heard a sermon in the round? This is the place to go if you want to hear one! We went last night (they replaced Sunday morning services with Yoga and Prayer and meet at night!) to Solomon's Porch a church in South Minneapolis as we continue our search for a new church home. It meets in an old church with the stained glass still there. The pews have been removed and replaced by couches and chairs forming a circle around the middle of the room where a stool is.

It is very focused on community and is very oriented to allow everyone to share insight and input. It is a very art driven church. We met some people and sat on a couch in the back. The worship band only plays song's they have written - actually pretty good stuff.

Tonight a woman showed photographs of her song, alongside words written about Jesus in the Bible. It was focused on how our lives follow a similar path to Jesus, we just need to look and see the holiness of little moments. It was a great way to see how Jesus really is every where and inside everyone. You know the whole created in his image thing. (For my Indiana friends, it is like Common Ground only a little more artsy and communal focused - I don't know an Ohio parallel, but similar to the Rockin' Fish - so maybe their new ministry the Loft?)

The "sermon" was actually pretty good and thought provoking. We might go back to hear him finish the series. Each week everyone is invited to help prepare the sermon through discussion and study. Doug, the pastor, took the Beatitudes from Matthew 5, pulled them apart and briefly compared them to Christ's final days during the Passion week.

He said that during that week Christ experienced each of the 8 points:
  • the poor
  • those who mourn
  • the meek
  • those who hunger and thirst for righteousness
  • the merciful
  • the pure in heart
  • the peacemaker
  • those who are persecuted because of righteousness
Some very interesting stuff to ponder during the Lenten period.

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