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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Ramblings of a Blogger!

I've struggled a little lately with what to write about... things have been fairly busy. Sometimes I miss the freedom of joblessness, but definitely enjoy going to work and knowing that I'm helping create change in a school. Sometimes it seems like I'm not really doing much but sitting around playing phone tag and going to various trainings. This is all good and is part of the Americorps program (not the phone tag), but it is very different.

I feel like things are starting to get into a rhythm, especially as I find more tasks and ways to engage in the school community. It is interesting because a lot of the book knowledge I have is now a little useless since I'm engaging a foreign population with very different cultural norms and ideas.

But things are going really well. We like our new house and our nice neighborhood. The cold is getting tolerable as well. I ran outside this morning despite -7 actual temperature. It is a fact of life, just like the crushing heat of summer. It is funny how it can be bitter cold with no new precipitation, then every time it warms up it snows! That is the plan again for this week it looks like. We are making progress and most of our boxes have been unpacked, but there is still tons of stuff laying around that needs to find a home. Now that Christy is working (still doing orientation) she doesn't have a lot of free time to clean/decorate either. The problems of real life! We haven't done a lot lately since we've been spending a lot of our free time at home unpacking.

I guess that is a good ramble for now!

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