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Monday, February 04, 2008

One Month Update

It is hard to believe we have been in Minneapolis for 4 weeks already. The time has definitely flown by. We have really enjoyed our time here so far and have had some fun and unique experiences.

The major updates are:

1) Christy has a job! She'll be working on a Postpartum unit at one of the local hospitals. She'll be working with mother's and their babies in a much different environment than she was used to at IU's Medical ICU. She is very excited about this position and chose it out of 3-4 other offers. It will be about a 15-20 minute commute. She will start her orientation on February 4th. It is an 8-hour shift with rotating nights and days (every other week).

2) We moved into our new place! We had to stay in an extended stay hotel for the first 3 weeks while the landlords finished everything up for us to move in (we knew this ahead of time and planned accordingly). We moved in right on schedule and flourished while living in such close quarters at the hotel! It was a bit of an adjustment after having gotten used to living in and commuting to and from the suburbs, but we are very excited about this place and the neighborhood and exploring it further. After we get all the boxes unloaded and the house decorated I'll get pictures and maybe even a video!

My job has been going well. The first week was orientation and then the second was just getting familiar with the school and being in a school environment. It is very different working in a school as opposed to the "business world". I've already been to the principal's office more in 3 weeks than my whole life (she's my supervisor)!! I have slowly been getting used to interrupting classes to talk with students or ask a teacher a question. Most have been pretty nice and are getting used to seeing me around. My office is located in the same section of the school as the Somali English Language Learner classrooms so I have gotten to know some of the students a little bit as well as the Somali teachers. I've also been helping with Student Council and have gotten to know some of those kids pretty well. We've got some big things planned and one of my major tasks is to try and get Somali families more engaged with the school! I have also been getting used to riding the bus and waiting in the -34 wind chill for it to arrive!

Speaking of Somalis we are taking a Somalian Language and Culture course through the school's Community Education department. Its a 6 week course on Saturday mornings. It is a small class and we learned the basic history of Somalia and a few words during last week's session!

We have had lots of fun. We explored the frozen Minnehaha Falls and its surrounding park, went the Art Institute for their Third Thursday free event, saw a couple of movies at a 1950's styled discount theater, saw ice and snow sculptures, explored gyms (landing at the local and amazing YWCA), and visited a variety of churches - including famous author John Piper's.

I guess that is pretty much the update! I feel like I'm forgetting something... be sure to follow my blogs for the latest up-to-date stories and insights. or The second is my running blog. And lots of pictures here.

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