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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Quick Update

After a few days in Minneapolis and 2 days of "work" I thought I'd give a quick update!

Monday I started orientation for my new position. It was mostly spent learning more about what it means to be an Americorps VISTA, the differences between the various Americorps programs, as well as being sworn-in. Interestingly, our "oath of office" is the same as every federal employee all the way up to the Vice-President. So I am sworn to uphold and protect the Constitution.

Tuesday was more of the same, except that we also went to the Minneapolis Public School's Human Resource offices to finalize our payroll and that stuff. Then we hung out with some new Americorps members for some training, we'll be hanging out with them more tomorrow. We learned about school culture and group process via simulations and role playing. Quite interesting stuff!

We've also been doing some fun and sightseeing in the evenings. Monday night we went to the Midtown Global Market which will eventually be near our house. Tuesday night we met up with Amy in downtown and walked around a little bit. I've been taking the bus around town (I get free passes through work), so that has been quite interesting. I end up doing a lot of walking instead of waiting for a bus since I end up being a mile or so away from where I need to go after a transfer or two.

So its been fun, the weather hasn't been too bad. There has been a lot of snow melt which isn't exactly good. You can read other updates at my running blog. They are focused on running but also include some random Minneapolis insights!

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