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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Crazy Weather A'Comin

This past weekend was beautiful here in Minneapolis, lots of sun shine and even some decent temperatures. Monday was nice too, I went for a morning run with only 2 thin layers on (instead of the several thick ones I'd been wearing). Throughout the day I heard about an oncoming onslaught of arctic air and snow storms - so I checked it out.

I found this article, which wasn't exactly welcome news. Here is a short snippet:

Blustery winds associated with the front will send the temperature free falling to a chilly minus 16 degrees by Tuesday night and wind chill values will register minus 30 degrees or colder, the National Weather Service said.

The predicted overall temperature swing of 58 degrees from Monday's high to Tuesday low is indeed extreme.

According to assistant DNR state climatologist Pete Boulay, the record swing in a 24-hour period is 71 degrees, when the temperature dropped 71 degrees from 78 to 7, at Lamberton on April 3, 1982. The Twin Cities' 24-hour record swing is 51 degrees, set on Dec. 26, 1903, when the temperature rose from 17 below to 34 above.

The predicted swing for midnight tonight to midnight Tuesday night is 46 degrees, from 34 above to 12 below. The last single-day swing close to that was on April 18, 1985, when the temperature fell 45 degrees.

From ForecastFox

(the image is just the high temperatures!)

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