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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Book Review: Extreme Devotion

Happy New Year!!!

For 2007 I did something a little different for part of my daily devotions.  I decided to read the daily devotions from the book called Extreme Devotion which tells the stories of Christian Martyrs from Old Testament* to current day times.  Copyrighted in 2001, by the Voice of the Martyrs it includes stories that I remember hearing about on the news.

Each day's reading includes a short story about a martyr or someone who was severely persecuted.  Following the story is a paragraph or two that provides an application point, usually encouraging you to be strong and bold with your faith.  Finally, each day there is a relevant Scripture verse.  Every 7th day there is a quote from a martyr for reflection, in 2007 this actually occurred on Sundays!

I would recommend this devotional to you as a way to learn more about the history of our faith and the many great struggles that others have faced in the name of Jesus Christ.


 * I know OT figures aren't considered Christians, but it was easier to write that way, Daniel and his friends suffered for their belief in the Lord.
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Todd said...

Thanks for the good book review! We worked really hard to collect those stories, so it's great to see that God is still using them to bless and challenge people around the world.

One note: VOM's web site is actually You can also order the book from VOM's online bookstore at

crossn81 said...

Thanks for stopping by Todd. Sorry about the incorrect link. I'll fix it.