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Friday, December 07, 2007

Moving Boxes Needed

The wait is finally over! I have accepted a position in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Coats, Gloves, and Scarves might be good too since we'll be moving to the arctic tundra in the middle of winter.  We are very excited about the opportunity that has been presented for us to make this transition at this point in our lives. 

We will be joining one of our dear friends (she is actually the one who introduced Christy and I), while pursuing excellent professional opportunities. 

Beginning January 7, I will be a Volunteer Coordinator in one of the middle schools in the Minneapolis Public School system.  This is actually a position I found through the Americorps which I will be joining as part of the position.  In a nutshell, by job will be to assist the school in developing a volunteer infrastructure, recruiting, training and supporting volunteers, and integrating the community into the school.  I will also provide service learning and leadership development opportunities for the students!

The most exciting aspect of this position and the particular school that I'll be working at is that the student population is predominantly Somalian. Minneapolis has a large Somali and Hmong refugee population.  You probably are aware of my passion for Africa and our desire to some day be working overseas, this is an excellent opportunity to be working with and supporting Somalian individuals who are trying to put their life together after fleeing terrible violence.

As I write this little note, Christy is still trying to obtain employment, but as an RN we are highly optimistic that she'll be offered something soon! We are also still trying to nail down housing and other similar arrangements.  So your continued prayer in that area would be greatly appreciated.  Our current plan is to leave Anderson on January 3rd. 

If you can't tell we are excited, but we are also saddened as we prepare to leave our many friends and our families.  We continue to trust that God has amazing things in store for our lives and hope to stay in contact with you, so please stay in contact with us! 

If ever your path should wander to Minnesota, you will have a welcome mat at your feet and a warm place to sleep!

This is an e-mail I sent to friends, family, and colleagues and now I'm sharing with you my blog friends!

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