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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Lotta Linkin Goin On

I've gathered quite a collection of links to articles I want to read in my inbox.  Many look really good, I just need the time to sort through them.  Below are some of them.  I don't want to turn this thing into a complete spam machine so I'll make it more like an annotated bibliography from school days!


Automatic Bill Payments - Popular and risky! In this Christian Science Monitor article they highlight 4 risks to using Automatic Bill Payment.  One that probably does happen on some of my bills is Letting Overcharges Slip. I don't carefully monitor our Sprint bill and it fluctuates a little each month!

Is Your Image at Work Killing Your Career? Free Money Finance looks at research that shows that your physical image may be negatively impacting your career.  Its interesting, is it true?

Ideas for Leftover Turkey Consumerist links to 10 Tasty Ideas for Leftover Turkey.  We froze some of the turkey from our first Thanksgiving event with the in-laws.  So I might thaw it out and try one!

5 Steps to Power Up Your Productivity is a list of simple ways to boost productivity posted at Dumb Little Man. 

Helpful Website for Student Loan Borrowers Consumerist provides a link to information for anyone who has student loans (which is almost everyone!)

8 Ways to Get Work Through LinkedIn Freelance Switch provides 8 tips to make the business social-networking site more effective for freelancers (and probably everyone!). Most are basic, but we often forget the most basic. Visit my profile.

5 Ways to Get Your Dream Job Dumb Little Man's post jumped out at me because I want my dream job! It provides 5 great ideas on how to improve your "total package."  I would agree with all of them!

Microplace - Invest Wisely. End Poverty. Written by a friend, this is a well sourced post about microfinance and how you and I can literally invest to end poverty.

Cheap Healthy Good Get Rich Slowly looks at another frugal blog called Cheap Healthy Good.  The author writes daily about how to get the best food with the least amount of money! Always a good idea!

Product (RED) World AIDS Day Newsletter  (RED) has given over $50 million to the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS. Learn about how your Product (RED) can make a difference and see a new line-up of products. I have a shirt, knit hat, and some other odds and ends.  This has been a huge marketing success for this issue.


Maybe this will free up my inbox a little so I can actually post some substantive posts from other blogs that I've found, or maybe I'll be back again with another links roundup!



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