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Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Celebrations

We made the rounds this Christmas season getting to see almost all of our families.  When we move, we'll scratch a few more family members off the list! It was kinda crazy and chaotic, but that's how my family rolls!

Saturday morning we headed to Cincinnati to  see one of Christy's Uncles, the went to my sister's powerlifting meet in Springfield.  There we also celebrated my Dad's birthday and Christmas with his family and his brother's family. 

We left Dad's on Monday morning to visit my Mom's family in Frankfort.  We spent Christmas Eve with one of my Aunt's and her family.  

Christmas morning we awoke to presents under the tree and lots of glee.  We had our traditional lunch with the Crosier family before heading back to Indianapolis for dinner with Christy's parents and sister, and more presents!

After leaving Saturday around 8 we got back to our humble abode around 11 and opened the remaining presents under our tree!  What a celebration and great time to see our families. 

It is kind of amazing how one birthday has so many celebrations!  

You can see even more pictures here.

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