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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Must Read for 24 Fans

As an avid fan of the Fox hit series 24, I have been waiting for the next season to start in January.  I stumbled upon a blog dedicated to the latest news about 24, comments about the actors, and much more.  24 has an almost cult following and while I try to maintain balance, if something does happen to get in the way of my Monday nights I'm sure to tape it.  We have also spent whole weekends and many hours watching past seasons and actually own all 5 of the ones currently available and will hopefully get Season 6 when it comes out in December. 

Oh, don't worry we bought the first 5 on  sale from Best Buy. is a great resource for news.  It does contain some spoilers which isn't exactly cool, but is still good stuff! It talks about how the writers strike might affect production, has major trailers, and even commented on how the Southern California wildfires affected production. Not to mention the sad state of Keifer Sutherland's DUI's.

I should comment though that the site does contain substantial profanity, and other less than kosher content occasionally.

I was encouraged by this article to write about the blogs I read and share why I read them, with you my readers.


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