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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Missions Conference finale!

Well we are sitting safely at home after a very busy, challenging, and uplifting few days at the Global Health Missions Conference. Today was a short day with only two breakouts and 1 plenary speaker, but lots of time for worship and making commitments related to missions.

Today's first breakout was by Mike Soderling, a MD working in Guatemala, entitled Nuts and Bolts of Building Effective Networks and Partnerships. I wasn't really sure if this would be focused more on individuals or organizations and it ended up being more organizationally focused, which was fine for me. I was a little surprised by this figure there are about 700 churches in the West per unreached people group in the world. If churches and organizations would work in true Christian Unity these groups could be reached quicker and easier. This was a solid breakout with some good technical information.

The two breakouts were interrupted by Dr. David Stevens, the Executive Director for the Christian Medical and Dental Association and also the head Doctor at Tenwik Hospital in Kenya. I had heard him speak while at Taylor and his voice his powerful. He spoke about William Borden and three phrases that were written in Borden's Bible.
  • No Reserves (Matt 6:19-21)
    • We must die to live wholly giving ourselves to God
    • We must live to serve now
  • No Retreat
    • For lack of purpose (Prov 3:5-6) relentless pursuit of Purpose
    • For lack of discipline (Col 3:23)
    • For lack of love greatest investments are the investments in others.
  • No Regrets
    • Live a life without regrets, take advantage of the calling
Finally, the last breakout I attended was What do I do Now? by Kevin Shannon a MD with Africa Inland Mission. He talked about what our purpose is and discerning what our calling is. He waited 25 years from when he received the call to when he actually made it to the field. He shared 3 things we should be focusing on while waiting for the call.
  • Sanctification - becoming more like Christ
  • Professional Growth - gaining skills and knowledge creating a solid foundation
  • Growth in Ministry - gaining experience by learning, teaching, and serving.
I found today very challenging. We know we have been called overseas. But we aren't sure where we have been called specifically or when we are being called to go. That is what we are currently wrestling with, especially since I'm looking for employment.

I think we have fallen off the wagon on many of the things we heard today. One that really got me was the difference between taking God with OUR plans, instead of letting God show us HIS plans and following Him. I'm sure we all struggle with that at different points, it is so hard to surrender our lives to Him. We know that He has great plans for us and we have been patient, waiting for an answer, but we maybe haven't been searching for Him. Maybe we have been more passive in our patience, instead of actively seeking Him out while waiting (does that make sense?).

Anyways, prayer and insights are always welcome!

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