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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cool Running Blogs

I am currently subscribed to 3 of the 27 blogs available through the Cool Running News Feeds. Cool Running has recently become part of the network. Overall the site provides a range of resources, race calendar, race results, training tips, and a community/forum section.  They also have an online running log for you. 

Back to the blogs,  I subscribe to the Community, Training, and Training Tips blogs.  After looking at the list again I might add the Midwest News blog and Top Headlines blog as well!

The blogs are pretty self-explanatory and none of them post very often.  The last few posts from the community blog are about the growing conflict between iPod users and race directors, and then a few about the Olympic Marathon trials. The last few posts in the training  blog talk about the Honolulu Marathon, tips from Frank Shorter about self-coaching, and the use of protein while training. The training tips blog hasn't been updated in awhile but talks about keeping a journal, fartleking, and the RICE method.

I hope you are able to enjoy some of the ideas presented in these blogs and that they help give you new insights into running. 


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