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Monday, October 01, 2007

September Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from September!

I began the month looking at a series of articles from the Christian Science Monitor about Celebrity's helping Charities and Money won't Solve Africa's Problems.

I shared a couple of great videos.

I wrote several posts dealing with the US Prison Bureau's attempt to ban certain religious books from prisons. 1 2 3

I shared my memories of 9-11

I pointed out Christianity Today articles dealing with Faith and Football.

Celebrated my first anniversary

Commented on removing junk mail from my life

Provided information about Ramadan which is occurring from Sept 13 - Oct 13.

Shared from my church's series about God Questions, asking Is The Bible True?

Played a little Credit Card Roulette

Began a new series where I write about the blogs I read

Finally, I wrote about the Biblical idea of Loving Prostitutes.

Last Year all I wrote about was wedding stuff!

From Run Central Indiana

Important Running Posts included

This month's race reviews included the

Other news included



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