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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Save Money, Get fit, Simplify, and Be Happier

If you could save the world while saving money, getting fit, simplifying your life, and becoming happier would you do it?

Leo over at Zen Habits gave the prescription to complete that with 5 simple (ish) steps.  This was his Blog Action Day post.

His 5 steps/ways to save the world are:

  1. Get outdoors more,
  2. Commute by bike/walk to work,
  3. Do a clean-up,
  4. Use less energy at home, and
  5. Buy less, or buy used.

After each step he comments how it will do everything he promised.  I like this particular one because I can appreciate the "running around the house" line.

4. Use less energy at home. There are a ton of ways to do this: use compact florescent lightbulbs, set your thermostat lower (for heating) or higher (for cooling), insulate, use less hot water, dry clothes using a clothesline, turn things off when they’re not in use, get energy efficient appliances, etc.

  • How this helps the environment: Using less energy means you contribute less to global warming.
  • How this saves money: Using less energy means your power bill is lower. And that can be a substantial savings.
  • How this gets you fitter: It doesn’t … unless you’re running around the house more because you turned off all the heating. :)
  • How this simplifies your life: Using less energy is much simpler in the long run.
  • How this makes you happier: I think this is one of those times when just playing your part to reduce global warming and doing the right thing makes you happier.


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