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Monday, October 15, 2007

Not Next Steps but First Steps

This was the call given by Robin Wood at church on Sunday.  His premise was that too often churches focus on the next steps after salvation and forget to focus on the "first steps" of bringing people into a relationship with Jesus. 

This was the final message in the God Questions series.  The series has looked at questions we would all like to understand better about God, Christianity, and Life in general.  The message was "What Do I Do Now?"

I think he was right on that too often church tends to be about building up and into the current members and too often fails to continue "being the hands and feet" of Jesus in the local community.  I don't think he really addressed this, but the church has to balance both serving and developing the internal body, while simultaneously reaching out and providing hope to the community. 

Since I'm not actually part of the staff leadership of a church I can't say that this is an easy task or not.  But the point of the message was that we as individuals need to be willing to take the first steps with those in our sphere's of influence and begin changing lives by showing acts of kindness and love.

We were challenged to show 5 Acts of Kindness each day.  But not to fall into legalism, we should strive to be kind always and be radically kind whenever possible.  It is the small first step that can lead to larger life changing steps!



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