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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Deals Sales and Coupons

I was recently encouraged by this article to write about the blogs I read and share why I read them, with you my readers. So here it goes!

Most retailers, businesses, and organizations have websites where you can find out more about a product or service and usually even purchase that service.  They also tend to have some type of special deals to entice you to use their service over another or to shop with them.  With a plethora of deals, sales, coupons available it seems possible that for any given purchase you might be able to save money, if you only knew about it! 

That is where a site like The Bargainist comes in handy. The site lists all types of great deals, sales, and coupons, with a searchable index, archives, and tips! When possible they link to more information about the product, provide expiration dates, and other information as needed.

In the past two hours they have posted:

There are many similar sites, but The Bargainist is the first one I subscribed too and so far I haven't desired to subscribe to others!



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