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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bad Ben Rambles

I was recently encouraged by this article to write about the blogs I read and share why I read them, with you my readers. So here it goes!

This is a fairly new blog on my list but I've been hearing it for awhile.  It is read weekly at on their podcasts.

Bad Ben is a fairly well known trail runner from Kansas City.  When most people think of a runner they think about people who run local races or marathons.  Well, Bad Ben does some of that, but is probably most well-known for running the longer ultra-marathons. He also has quite a sense of humor and knack for story-telling.

Here is a sample from his "About Me" section:

I find ways to enjoy life as much as I can. Also, life's too short to treat people poorly. I'm into long runs in the park, consuming salt, popping blisters, eating roadkill & tree bark, and burying whiners in shallow, unmarked graves. I also enjoy designing trail race courses that would make the Marquis de Sade blush. A fun time for me would include banging muddy shoes together, setting broken bones with a machinist's vise, and duct-taping-down any part of my body that is bleeding or just flopping-about uselessly. What helps me to be an active trailrunner and grandpa? My secret: 1) Daily sponge baths with bovine stem cells; 2) Copious amounts of delicious & nutritious homebrewed beer; and 3) My secret elixir...Bicarbonate of Figleaf.

If you have an interest in running or are a "Trail Nerd" this blog should be on your list! His blog includes stories from runners, race reports, and rambling thoughts, such as a recent post about T-shirt Etiquette!

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