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Monday, September 03, 2007

Highlights from August

Here are some of the main posts from August! Scroll down to see a list of posts from my running blog.

How many cookies does the government spend on education? The Oreo Cartoon was the first post of August.

I read and reviewed Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, read my thoughts on this controversial book.

Social Justice is important to me and I highlighted 6 Links 4 Justice.

I ran several road races this month including the Pop Weaver Kernel Klassic 5K and the Bears of the Blue River 10K.

The ongoing genocide in Darfur has been a topic of many posts including this one entitled "Lack of Many Can Improve the World" which provides information about divesting from Sudan.

I commented on Acts 10 which talks about Peter's discovery that Jesus died for EVERYONE!  

I tackled a somewhat controversial topic by asking if prostitution should be legalized.

I finished a second book this month and was challenged by John Piper's A Hunger for God, read my review.

I closed the month by talking (maybe ranting a little) about what the Bible has to say about taking care of the poor and the 2006 Poverty Update released by the US Census Bureau in How Should the Church Respond to the Recent Poverty Update?

I Love Running

Knowing that most runners want to ruin their race performance I listed 10 ways to do so!

With heat indexes surpassing the century mark I gave some tips to beat the raging inferno.

Most people like coffee and other forms of caffeine.  However, it is considered an illegal substance at the Olympics.  Read my review of caffeine.

Running continues to grow even as obesity rates continue to rise.  I highlight some of recent running trends. Over 8.5 million people competed in a US running event!

If you live or want to race in Central Indiana, my blog posts information about upcoming events.


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