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Monday, August 06, 2007

DaVinci Controversy

I finally decided to see (read) what all the hype was about surrounding the 2003 release of Dan Brown's novel  The DaVinci Code. Maybe I'm a little behind the times, but better late than never, right?

Thinking back about the book and the subsequent controversy, it was well deserved.  The book clearly stated at the beginning what was actually fact and fiction (most of the book is fiction).  However, Brown does such an excellent job interweaving both fact and fiction that it is easy to forget what is truth and what is pure speculation. 

Overall, I enjoyed the book.  It was hard to put it down because the story flowed pretty quickly and easily.  Not on the same level as a Grisham novel, but still gripping.  I wanted to see if my guesses about the plot were accurate so I kept reading.


Brown makes some pretty audacious "fictional" claims about Jesus Christ and His relationship to Mary Magdeline, as well as Church History and the inerrancy of the Bible.  But as a friend told me, "writing in fiction was a easy way for Brown to make these audacious claims, because he can hide behind the fiction label."  I do plan to read one of the many books refuting the claims of Brown, do you have any suggestions? 

If you haven't read it, I can understand your hesitancy, it took me 4 years to get around to it.  You aren't missing out on anything if you do decide to skip it.  But if you do decide to understand the controversy, it should be an easy task.  If you have doubts about your faith while reading the book, put it down and do some of your own research into church history and remember that the Bible is God's inspired Word for us.

What are your thoughts about the book? How does the movie compare to the book?  

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