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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Race Review: Lapel CdLS 5K

This race is probably the definition of low-key events.  With a 7:30am start, you are able to beat most of the heat typical of mid-July weekends.  This year it was almost chilly at the start due to weird weather patterns.  I feel this event is so low-key that I actually rode my bike the 10 miles from Anderson, raced, then rode my bike back. 

All proceeds from this event benefit the CdLS Foundation, which provides support to families who have a child with Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. The foundation is located in Connecticut, but this is a personal issue for the race organizers as they have a child with CdLS. They have done everything possible to maximize "profits" than can be sent back to the foundation.

The course is exceptionally flat, and would be a good PR course if it weren't for the 180 degree turns.  This year there were only 2, but that was because the leaders missed a turn (no one told them where to go, although a map was available at the registration area), the field followed and we all set some amazing times, I passed the mile mark at 3:41. Typically there are 3 180 degree turns, one water stop and a loop around a little park to make the 5K distance, this year's distance was approximately 2.7 (various GPS watches gave slightly different distances).

Ample water, grapes, and bananas were available at the finish.  An important note is that this race is not scored in the traditional sense.  They give out overall and age group awards but it is based solely on your bib # and finish order. A clock is viewable to get your finish time, but they do not track finish times. This year's age group awards where blue, red, and yellow (I think) key lanyards. One older runner asked, "Where's my whistle?!?"

To add to the fun flavor of the event, random awards were given to the 8th place (8th year of the event), 17th place (Conrad's, the young man with CdLS, age), and 21st place (21st year of the Lapel Village Fair) of each division (men, women, walkers). 

This event is a part of the Anderson Road Runner's Road Race Series, which is where many of the participants come from.

My time was 17:09 overall with 3:41 (.6miles) 6:25, 7:02 (1.1 miles), which is a 6:22 pace, which got me 4th place overall.


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