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Monday, July 16, 2007

Primary Colors: A Book Review

A very intriguing look at what really happens during the presidential primary.  Written in 1996 by "Anonymous" this is a "fictional" story about a presidential candidate and some of the behind the scenes practices during the campaign.

It is a gripping story that sounds similar to the Bill Clinton campaign, but is supposedly all fiction and a recreation by the author. It is interesting to read, in the light of another Clinton presidential primary.

Not a book for the light-hearted or young person, this #1 Bestseller on every major book lists full of vulgar language, sexual content, and other similar adult content.  If it was a movie it would be rated R.  But if you have an interest in politics this is a good place to gain knowledge and understanding about what it takes to "play in the arena."

We can only hope that politics doesn't really have dustbusters (to take care of tabloid stories), but we do know that there is plenty of spinmeisters on each campaign who are either helping their candidate or trashing the other.

I enjoyed the read and some of the sense of history that comes with it.  A quick web search shows that Joe Klein is the author of the book, not quite the insider everyone expected, Joe was still very familiar with the campaign since he covered it in 1992 for New York Magazine.


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