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Monday, June 18, 2007

Book Review: Joy Breaks for Couples

I've mentioned this book before on the blog and we just finished reading it! We aren't overly diligent in our reading together, but we are trying!

Written as part of the Women of Faith collection this book is a collection of 60 short devotions split into eight categories.  The authors are Dr. Larry & Rachael Crabb, Paul & Nicole Johnson, Dr. Kevin Leman, Drs. Les & Leslie Parrott, Gary Smalley, Becky & Roger Tirabassi, Dr. Neil Clark Warren.  With an impressive list like that the book has to be good!!

While each author (or set of authors) has a different writing style, each shares stories from their lives or clients lives making everything seem more real.  It does provide challenges to couple to learn how to love each other deeper and to understand the importance of loving Christ first and your spouse second.  I highly recommend this to couples of all stripes.  Sometimes humorous, sometimes extremely serious it is grounded in scripture and prayer.

The eight sections are titled:

  1. Celebrating our Friendship
  2. Celebrating our Imperfections
  3. Celebrating Family and Hope
  4. Celebrating our Oneness
  5. Celebrating - Even in Tough Times
  6. Celebrating our Future Together
  7. Celebrating Each Other's Gifts
  8. Celebrating Romance and Passion

We will probably read this book again throughout our marriage to make sure we keep our marital joy!  I'll close with a list of some of the chapter/devotion titles!

  • The Fine Art of Stubbornness
  • Graveyard Roots
  • True Love
  • The Carousel
  • What Part of 5:30AM Don't You Like?
  • Stronger Together
  • The Naked Lady Who Needed a Lift
  • Sign and Stuff

 Have you read this? Leave me a comment and tell me what you thought.


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