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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Suprised CSR

Today we recieved in the mail our new credit cards from Citibank. They had discontinued the credit card we were currently using and so issued us new ones from a different product line (see side note below). When I called to activate the cards I spoke to Adam (definintly foreign). He asked how my day was, I replied and asked how his was. He paused and said, "good, thank you for asking" in a very suprised voice. I think he was shocked and his little script wasn't prepared for that remark! At the end of the call he said "have a good day" and I replied "you too" and again he seemed a little suprised.

Why are we rude to call-centers? Maybe because we can't understand their accented English, at least they are working! I hate to see jobs we can do here go overseas, but why not let our brothers and sisters enjoy the benefits of gainful employment??


When we first got notice that Citi was changing our cards from a Visa to an American Express we didn't like that idea and so applied for a Citi Visa. We subsequently got rejected by them. However when I called customer service to talk about changing of the cards, they said I did have the option of going to a Citi Master Card, so that's what we did. The funny or ironic, or weird part is that the Master Card is the same exact card as the Visa for which we got rejected!

Oh well... maybe that wasn't such a great story! Anyways...

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