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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Complete and Utter Randomness

So today, on a hot (one thermometer said 93) May day I'm going to post a collection of random links, actions, and information for your pleasure!

I checked today and 9 people are subscribed to my blog feed through Feedburner. I also added a way for you to sign-up and receive my blog via e-mail whenever I post. I know some people are behind a firewall and can't view blog pages, so this is a way to get it sent right to your inbox! You can also click here to sign up too.

I have also started using a program called Qumana Blog Manager to write my blogs. It can be used off-line and allows inserting text-ads and Technorati tags without any additional work!

If you don't subscribe to my blog feed and are one who actually goes to the website then you have probably noticed that it has been completely revamped and has a whole new look. Its not quite as dark now :) Also please visit some of my links and say hi to my friends!

Let the Link Fest Begin!

Request Presidential Candidates divest from Sudan-related holdings here. (see past posts).

Pressure China to take action on Darfur by contacting your legislator here.

Help Stop the Use of Child Soldier here.

Maybe see my Uncle and his family at the Destination ImgaiNation Global Finals here.

Visit the Crescent Project here.

Read about The Strangest Disaster of the 20th Century here. (Thanks Meg)

Blog Festival of Frugality # 75

How much are you worth hourly? Are you underpaid? Check here. This is mine:

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