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Monday, May 21, 2007

Book Review: Revolution in World Missions

Revolution is a must read for every Christian, irregardless of their personal calling.  Written almost autobiographically this story about K.P. Yohannan's path to creating Gospel for Asia and its unique ministry style is powerful enough to challenge every Christian into action. 

Writing in a chapter called "The Need for Revolution" on pg 142 he says:

But before revolution can come we must recognize the need for one. We are like a lost man looking at a road map. Before we can choose the right road that takes us to our destination, we must determine where we went wrong, go back to that point and start over.  So my cry to the Body of Christ is simple: Turn back to the true Gospel road.  We need to preach again the whole counsel of God.  Our priority must again be placed on calling men to repentance and snatching them from hell-fire.

Sharing from his personal stories of growing up poor in India and eventually making it to Dallas, TX by the grace of God and generosity of some private donors and feeling God's call to start a new revolution in the mission movement.  This is an easy read using personal anecdotes and simple English there is a noticeable lack of theological and missions jargon.

Brother K.P. also challenges the Church and all Christians today to think about their priorities. He writes about churches with multi-million dollar construction projects while ministers in Asia are starving and meet in homes or in open-air settings.  He also challenges the idea of spending $30 - 80,000 a year to have Western missionaries doing work that can be done more effectively and for a fraction of the cost by native missionaries.  He does go on to say that some Western missionaries are needed for certain projects, but in regards to evangelism and spreading the Good News, native missionaries are the best.

A challenging but good read, its simple prose and story format makes it easy to follow along with.

This $6 book is currently available 100% free from Gospel for Asia, the organization founded by Yhoannan.

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