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Friday, May 18, 2007

$1 a Meal

Is it possible to live off $21 a week for food? This is what the average American on food stamps receives in food aid via food stamps.  This means about 25 million Americans have around $21 a week per person to purchase all of their groceries.  While $35 million struggle to put food on the table. We try to live frugally, but that's almost impossible.


Recently this idea has become popular with political figures of all stripes and at all levels of government.  4 Congressman, a Governor, City Councilman and others have all attempted to live on a food stamp budget for at least one week.  Someone has even tried to do so while eating organically!  So far all have succeeded in making their food budgets stay within the guidelines (I know for sure that the Congressman aren't allowed to eat free food at various political functions either!).

It has been interesting to read their blogs and the stories it has generated as the Farm Bill, which includes Food Stamp legislation is coming up for reauthorization this July.

CNN did a story (see You Tube below).  I found it interesting that the USDA (who administers Food Stamps) [why does the agricultural department administer food stamps?] recommends Food Stamps as a supplement to other food purchases.  Rep. Ryan's remarks are excellent.  They were originally designed to be a supplement, but with cost of living, especially gas prices, continuing to rise, without a significant rise in income for the bottom tier of workers, food stamps are the primary source of income for food purchases.

Here is a quick compilation of some of the links to their blogs and stories.

Good Blog Article

Rep. McGovern of MA

Rep. Ryan of Ohio

Organic Foods on a Budget

Washington Post Article

Also on You Tube:

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