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Saturday, March 17, 2007

You might be a runner if...

Go here to vote on random quotes.

From Running in the USA.

Rank You Might Be a Runner If... Rating Votes
1 You've bought the same pair of running shoes more than twice in a row 9.24 21
2 your day isn't complete until you've put your run in. 9.24 330
3 you've ever hurt so bad on a run that you wanted to get hit by a car, but were too proud to quit. 9.17 36
4 your daily run is like therapy, or an anti-depressant. 9.11 116
5 you fully understand that although you may not finish in the top half of the pack, you race merely for the love of running! 9.06 32
6 it took you longer to pick your last pair of running shoes then it took you to pick your last car. 8.97 39
7 you get upset about injuries because they keep you from running, not because you have actually damaged your body. 8.84 153
8 you are constantly competing with yourself. 8.75 32
9 you consider getting a PR almost as great as winning the race. 8.65 79
10 you have no idea why you keep signing up for races until they are over. 8.63 41
11 you have a list of all the races you plan to run for the next 12 months. 8.58 286
12 you finish the race looking like you wrestled a bear and you don't care 8.54 71
13 you are on this website 8.45 329
14 You feel better on the second half of your workout. 8.43 23
15 Your 'To Do' list reads:
1) Go Run
2) Everything Else
8.43 257
16 no matter how busy you are, you always make time for your runs. 8.40 45
17 double knot your wingtips. 8.31 183
18 Whether a 5K runner or a marathon runner, you understand "the runner's high". 8.31 219
19 The high you feel after a race outweighs the anxiety you feel before it. 8.30 256
20 A "workout" isn't just a run 8.23 77
21 a nice walk doesn't really feel much like excercise. 8.23 194
22 You frequently re-wear running gear, as you run more then you do laundry 8.21 34
23 You can shower and be dressed in 7 minutes. 8.20 25
24 If you know the difference between running socks and cotton socks

8.15 68
25 The Atkins diet seems preposterous to you...who wants to give up carbs?! 8.10 279

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