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Friday, March 09, 2007


We are currently at a NACSW conference in Dallas, TX. (Its really nice and warm here!)

I might remember to post some thoughts and details later (after I've had time to process), but for now I want to tell you about our flying story!

We woke up at 4:45 and got to the airport for plenty of time to catch our 7:35 flight to Cincy connecting to Dallas. At like 7:10 they decided to delay our flight due to mechanical problems (a broken antenna). They immediately started scrambling to get everyone on other flights. We were put on a standby flight and confirmed for connecting and other flights. We didn't make the first standby flight (but some Germans standing behind us actually got confirmed tickets). We did get some meal vouchers, got breakfast and didn't get on our second standby flight. So we were left on our original flight which was rescheduled for 11:15... at 11:45 we took off and made it to cincinnati, running we made it to our connecting flight 5 minutes before boarding started! Not a great way to start off our vacation, but after that its been pretty good.

Our luggage made it before us actually which was nice, they actually put it on the first standby flight and it went through Atlanta!

My last major gripe is that we are staying at a Marriot (which is where the conference is). The discounted rates make it as cheap as other local hotels. Our room door says its $350 a night. But the absurd thing is they charge $10 a day for wireless internet!!! WHAT A RIP-OFF! Don't worry we found one free wireless hotspot near the hotel.

We are having a good time and here's the weather is gorgeous and the conference has been great!

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