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Thursday, February 15, 2007


There is always so much I want to say and then other stuff comes up.

The Genocide Intervention Network has setup a Stop Genocide Hotline 800-GENOCIDE to call and talk with your representatives, Senators, and others about the Genocide in Darfur. It is pretty simple and easy (I just called mine!) But before you call check out their score on Darfur Scorecard.

Everyone pledged after Rwanda that we would never let Genocide happen again. We did something in Bosnia, so why are we dragging our feet in Africa? Its a sad ridiculousness that we are letting one man stop us in our tracks. We were willing to disregard the United Nations for our attack on Iraq (when it was convenient) but now we aren't willing to do anything except through UN and Sudanese bureaucracy. That's stinking absurd.

Congress passed the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act now we just need to fully implement it. We should be commended for negotiating a deal with North Korea, but people are dying each and every day we wade through red tape within the UN and Sudanese governments. Sudan just rejected travel visas for a UN Human Rights Fact-Finding Delegation and will continue to destabilize the region so that UN Peacekeepers are unable to do anything.

Click here to take action on President Bush's Plan B approach to Darfur. (It does give you more details, but it needs to be implemented!)

Please call today and urge everyone to do something about this situation so no more people have to die because they are black.

Thanks for reading my tirade!

Also don't forget to check out Save Darfur

Our Chinese buddies continue to do nothing substantive to help end this atrocity.

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