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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Couple of Things

1. The Bridge is going to have a podcast available soon. It will have PureSex sermons and others. I'll let you know when its up.

2. A good article called: "The Politics of Peace in Darfur" Here's the opening paragraph
"The first month of 2007 was full of activity in the international sphere regarding Darfur, but the politics of peace continue to supersede the concrete actions that are necessary to stop the violence and protect the people of Darfur. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir continues to openly refuse to allow in United Nations (UN) troops to make up the third phase of the African Union-UN hybrid operation that Sudan has agreed to in principle. Violence on the ground has been on the rise, with fresh aerial attacks by the Sudanese government, continued skirmishes by rebel groups and increasingly brutal attacks by the Janjaweed with new arms provided by Khartoum."

3. Ever wonder how they have t-shirts ready right after championship games?? Well they print t-shirts for both teams! Ever wonder what happens to them? People like World Vision distribute them overseas. See the article here. Did you know, that after the unfortunate Ohio State national championship loss, some Macy's stores in Ohio had Ohio State Champions t-shirts on their displays? See it here.

4. Check out this video about dumpster diving.

5. Random photo:
6. Check out the facial hair on this dude:

1 comment:

Roogles said...

Thanks for the update Nick!

I will keep my eyes peeled for the podcast.