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Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Christy and I just finished Season 2 of 24
It was great!!! Christy has only seen Season 1,2 and 5. We are eagerly looking forward to watching season 6. We weren't able to watch the Season Premiere yet b/c we had small group on Sunday and then Perspectives last night. Perspectives was great b/c one of Christy's former Professors Umfundisi (Dr. Jim Lo) was the presenter. (More later, maybe)

This weekend was also Jarbowl. The annual Jarhead tradition of killing each other in a football game. My team the purples beat the goldies 7-5. (Taylor is purple and gold) This tied up the record at 5-5. I had a great interception as the football bounced of Munyao's head!

Other than that Christy is working today on our 4-month anniversary. It has finally snowed, although it was nothing of consequence!

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