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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Too Funny to Miss

First a story about Christy and I and then one of the Net.

Saturday night we did some Christmas shopping and then out to see a movie and dinner. We had some time to kill and needed to go to Mejiers. It was really windy out. We were in the parking lot waiting to get a spot when all of a sudden this wayward shopping card started heading right towards us (being propelled by the wind). I quickly put the cart in reverse and we survived the near head-on collision with a cart. *shew*

In case you are wondering we saw The Guardian and went to Fazoli's (What an awesome date!) The movie wasn't too bad (Christy didn't really like it), a good PR movie for the Coast Guard, not as good as similar genre movies like Men of Honor.

Now for the funny web story. This is quoted off Reuters:
Shoppers Rescue Thief from Detectives

Two store detectives caught a woman in her mid-30s stealing garments in the city of Mainz near Frankfurt and attempted to detain her for questioning, police said.

But the woman tried to free herself, and bit, kicked and hit the detectives who wrestled her down in a skirmish, prompting passers-by worried about her safety to help her.

"They hauled the detectives away from her ... The woman managed to run away,"

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