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Monday, December 25, 2006

Our First Christmas

Celebrating our first christmas together was wonderful!!! Christy wasn't overly excited about getting up at 7:30 but I was so anxious to see what was under the tree I couldn't sleep any more!!

We are like two peas in a pod! Both enjoying putting bows on our heads and having a grand old time opening lots of gifts and celebrating!!

We spent the day with her family in Indianapolis.. we'll be heading to Ohio tomorrow for a few days before heading back so she can work some more!

Yay for the holiday's and celebrating with a wife and family! It was a little sad being away from my family, but Christy is great!!!

Mom appreciated our mid-morning phone call, she said it made it more like we were there. Sorry meg to leave you hanging on the steps this morning!

YAY For Christmas!
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Unknown said...

Happy Merry Christmas!!!

eyes on europe said...

merry christmas you crazy kids!