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Saturday, December 23, 2006

Christmas Visitors

So here's a real update:

Last weekend a good friend and old roommate Jeff came to visit. Jeff has spent 5 months in Liberia (West Africa) doing church rebuilding with Samaratin's Purse. He came back to Anderson to share stories with friends and it was a great experience for him and fun for us to hear the stories and the work that is going on in Liberia.

My Mom and Sister came up this past week to spend some time with us. We won't get a lot of time to visit family over the holiday, since its so big and Christy has to work a couple of the days. We had a great time and went to see the Reynold's Farm Equipment Light Display in Fishers and then to see The Holiday, I must say TOTAL CHICK FLICK. We had a wonderful visit, here are some pics:

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