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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

What a conspirator...

Sudan president rejects UN troops

Can you believe this stuff??

" The BBC's Jonah Fisher, in Khartoum, says Mr Bashir [President of Sudan] believes the Darfur crisis is the invention of the Western media, designed to deflect attention from military problems in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"We do not say that there is no problem and that there are refugees and displaced, but any talk of a humanitarian crisis is not true," he said.

"They say that more than 200,000 thousand have been killed in Darfur, we affirm that this number is not true and that... the number of deaths has not reached 9,000."

Or this??

"And he [Bashir] criticised the vast humanitarian operation in Darfur, feeding two million people, which he said has become an industry.

According to President Bashir, aid agencies - many with a hidden Israeli presence - were fabricating reports of attacks and mass rape in order to expand their operations."

Check out more of the BBC stuff here.

Or do something for Sudan here.

Many groups and indiviuals are working to relieve and help end this humanitarian crisis. Please consider doing your part by contacting your legislators, the President directly, local media, and contact your favorite international organization to see what they are doing there. We promised never to let this happen again, but we aren't doing much to intervene. We need to be doing a little bit more than going through beauracracy that we bypassed to attack Iraq.

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