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Saturday, November 25, 2006


We are thankful for:
1) Marriage and a lifelong companion
2) Families that care for us and want the best for our life together
3) Friends (near and far) who enjoy our company
4) A warm place to sleep at night
5) Resources to meet our needs
6) Safety and freedom

You are thankful for:
1) Long-time friends
2) Great Family and Friends
3) New additions to your family
4) Wonderful opportunities that have come your way

From my local paper:

1. Cold car. Be thankful for a cold car when you take off for your mom’s house for Thanksgiving dinner. For at least you have a car that runs and a mother to go home to.Top 10 things to be thankful for today

2. Pepto-Bismol. Be thankful for a full stomach. At least you had enough to eat today.

3. A blaring TV. Be thankful for the TV and those who gather at your house to argue over what to watch — football or Macy’s parade. At least you are able to hear what is going on.

4. Celebrity gossip. Be thankful for the magazines with salacious headlines while you wait in never-ending lines at the last minute for the cranberry sauce you forgot to buy. At least you still have your eyesight and something fun to read.

5. Heavy totes. Be thankful for being able to have the strength to carry the totes filled with holiday decorations. At least you are lucky enough to have wonderful memories hidden within.

6. Working on Thanksgiving. Be thankful for having to work today. At least you have a job.

7. Clang. Clang. Clang. Be thankful for that noise. At least there are those willing to donate their time and their hearts to help those by ringing bells for The Salvation Army. Be thankful if you are able to have enough money to donate. And if you can’t, at least there are those willing to help you in your time of need.

8. Earmuffs. This is for the bell ringers. They are eternally thankful for the person who invented earmuffs.

9. Modern conveniences. Be thankful for stoves, refrigerators, indoor plumbing on this chilly day and grocery stores. At least we don’t have to kill our own meals (unless we want to).

10. A nagging mom. An overprotective dad. An annoying brother. A loud-mouth sister. At least you have a family to laugh at and with.

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