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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Bears of the Blue River

This morning Christy and I made an exciting journey to Shelbyville, IN for the Bears of the Blue River 5/10K It was a fun little adventure.

One of the Kenyans I ran with at Taylor, Kip Rop, was there he won the 5K and his Kenyan friend Rueben won the 10K. No money for me this year, oh well.

After the race we had planned on wandering around the festival some. This crotchety old lady was driving her car through the closed area at the start/finish line for the race and asked me how she was supposed to get to Linnie's Bakery. I tried telling her I had no clue, but downtown was all closed off. She persisted, again I told her I was from around here. She said, "That's just as well." geesh whatever happened to manners...

Anyway, we walked around this itsy bitsy little festival in very old school (cool) downtown square. Not seeing anything too exciting we asked someone where "the bakery was". It was good food and a very quaint little cafe. Not really anything to get to cranky about, but a neat little place.
Linnies on lunchspark
Linnies in the Shelbyville News 1 2 3

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