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Monday, May 08, 2006

Modoc's Market

Saturday was the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon I ran a 1:38 (1,727th place)... 10 minutes faster than last year but 4 minutes slower than my PR (personal record). The winner was 63 minutes. I'll post pics if they don't look too bad. It was fun to see some old TU friends, especially at the NCCAA Track Meet.

Sunday, Christy and I went to Wabash, IN to see an old high school buddy. He's a World Vision rep touring the the Veggie Tales Live Tour. Great times...

Afterwards we walked around historic downtown Wabash and stumbled into Modoc's Market. Modoc has an interesting story, the full story can be found from the Wabash Library.

Modoc was an elephant at a Bradley circus in 1942 that came to Wabash. Three elephants got loose from the circus. While two got caught, the third, Modoc ran wild in town for 5 days crashing through several buildings including the then Bradley Brothers drugstore. Modoc was eventually recaputred in neighboring Huntington County, worn out and exhausted.

Modoc's Market carrys the legacy of its "Elephant Heritage" by having lots of related paraphenila and merchandise for sale. It is a great store with Italian Soda, Jones Soda, Espresso, Wi-fi, and a little cafe to sit and talk with the locals, like Christy and I did. They were more than willing to share the heritage of the store and talking about life in general and other great places to visit. We even played Connect Four. I would highly recommend a visit to Modoc's on the way through Wabash.

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