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Sunday, May 21, 2006


This weekend, Christy organized a reunion campout at her Marion Sunday School teacher's house which was great. The house has a nice little pond with fish, paddle boats, and canoes. We also had a bonfire with hot dogs and "pudgie pies", you know, the ones you put into the pie iron and cook in the coals, we had pizza, blueberry, and cherry ones.. YUMMY!! Here is one collection of recipes Contest recipes, although a quick Google produced 675 recipes. It was the first time I had really gotten to hang out with some of her IWU friends, at least for any extent of time. It was a sweet time... We also played some volleyball and they had a surprise party for Christy... Christy and I got a little sunburnt from hanging out on the water, they had this floating little dock thing that we paddleboated too... while canoeing I also soaked her, by using the paddle to splash water on her! She did deserve it though, just don't ask me why!! This morning we went to her IWU church Brookhaven Wesleyan and then out to Mancino's. Now we are just relaxing, waiting to go help out at Youth Group and enjoying each other's wonderful company!

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sarah b. said...

Nick, we all agree that it seems like we've known you for a long time. I guess that really says something!