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Monday, April 24, 2006

Sunny Day

Wow, another sunny day!! Too bad they are going to end for a few days again. But I suppose one must try to enjoy them as much as possible while there is time! Too bad work often gets in the way of being out in the wonderful sun. Oh to have a wireless network and to sit outside!

Let’s see... Saturday, Christy & I went to Wabash to watch JoAnna play in a double-header. They could have won if other people would actually catch the ball and throw well. She did really well!! Good Work JoAnna!! Their house is really nice, too. It was my first adventure there, they forgot to give me a room, but I guess it is time to move out, oh well! They are still great. Afterwards we stopped to see some of her friends in Marion. They were working in a friend's yard and we put our two cents in and did a little bit while talking with them. It was fun to get my hands a little dirty, and I guess I got a bug or something b/c we spent much of Sunday cleaning my place. But it sure looks better and feels better!!

Sunday, Dru also moved in... We chatted for quite awhile and ended up having a little barbeque in the back yard! Got to meet some of the neighbors and used the FREE grill Jeff and I got at the beginning of winter. It works great!!! Nothing like burgers, corn on the cob, and cantaloupe! Wow what a day!!

I guess that's the weekend in a nutshell... it was quite a good time, relaxing and enjoying the sun and Christy’s company too!

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